Lately I’ve been seeing an interesting trend in this whole ecosystem that we call “The Workplace”.

And that is the trend of working to live, to survive, to make it to the next pay check. Even more so amongst my generation’s counterparts (I’m what you refer to as a millennial, apparently) I see this trend of working to support their lifestyle, their habits, their hobbies.

But, to be entirely honest with you, this whole trend never really hit home with me. Why, you ask? Well, I do have a very simple answer:

My job started as my hobby.

This is not really all that important but, I do web development. Yup. I’m one of those guys doing stuff on the web. I stress about servers, I complain about lines of code, I argue over homepage real-estate and I make some pretty decent billboards.

Yet above any and all of those things: I am deeply in love with the profession I chose.

It is a relationship that I have nurtured and prioritized throughout my years, and just like any other bond I have shared, it’s had some ups and downs. But what I’ve found is that your relationship to your trade works just like any other one: You have to put in some work to make the best of it.

Grabbed your interest yet? Let’s get to the good parts.

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