By now it’s been about a month since the last post that I released on this blog. And, if I may be allowed to be totally honest, that’s too darn long.

It’s been a month packed with experiences adjusting to a new life in a new place. A month getting back in touch with old acquaintances. And a month that allowed me to finally celebrate fulfilling the goals I set out for me this year.

Except the Corgi. But we’ll get to him later.

Yet, such a lengthy celebration kept me from writing. Which is not amazing, because writing is one of the things I enjoy the most in this day and age.

However, taking a month off gave me some interesting life perspective. Which I’m compiling into next week’s post called ‘Remote Life – Work Balance’.

And it also got me to think about the reasons for which I write this blog. Which I’m going to be sharing today. It’s a little bit personal so, if that’s not really your thing, you’ve been warned.

But if you’re interested, let’s talk about it:

I always wanted to be a writer.

I was always an introverted kid growing up, so I spent a lot of time in my head. Inside there, I would dream up tons of interconnected little tales. Stories which eventually culminated into a massive world full of fledged out inhabitants and culture.

Being introverted, however, meant that I was a little bit uneasy about sharing my creation. But I still managed to add little sprinkles of flavor from my world into every little school assignment I made.

I was so diligent in this task that, if you were to grab a hold of all my old notebooks, you could actually reconstruct a significant portion of that landscape. Albeit with a little bit of work.

Some of my teachers caught up on this, and I was invited to partake in a few writing contests, going as far as to score top spots in some of them.

I took writing lessons, wrote poetry, took courses on scripting and even once wrote an entire book with someone. One that I dearly hope none of you grab a hold of. Ever.

And then, college came along. And I had to pick my major.

I already wrote a little about this on my post on Choosing a Fulfilling Career. But, deciding to stick with your dreams, specially when you know you’re not the best at it, is incredibly difficult.

And I feared to be inadequate at my craft. So I chose engineering instead, because I was good at math. Which, on retrospective, explains a lot about college aged me.

But I still loved writing, and I still do to this day. So, back at the start of this year, during a pretty dark time in my life, I decided to try doing what I had always wanted to.

So I opened this blog.

Sharing your knowledge is a blessing.

Back on February I made a post about How Teaching JavaScript made me a better Developer. And I started by explaining that, at first, I didn’t really love to teach.

But, the experience of having to do so really changed my life. And it’s one of the two main things I am grateful to my old job for. The other being my time in Dallas, Texas.

Teaching is incredibly hard and a huge responsibility. Because we all understand things differently. And because your skill as a teacher will forever permeate someone’s perception of your subject.

And yet it is also a huge blessing, because of what it allows you to do: speak at length about a subject you’re passionate about.

Which brings me to my next point: having a blog has allowed me to speak the equivalent of a small book’s length about (quite literally) whatever I wanted. Whenever I wanted to.

Author’s note: The blog clocks in at just under 30,000 words (not counting this article) as of August 13th 2017. Not bad.

This blog has explored topics ranging from my own experiences, to praising the beauty that is MobX and, most recently, a full review of backend programming from a Front End Dev’s POV. And it has done so in ways that range from satire to full on tutorials.

It has and continues to be my pleasure to clock in week to week and type to my heart’s content about the topic I consider important at the time. And my only regret is that my interests do not always align with those of the blog.

Specially, I’m a sucker for self-betterment. Something which i’m sure is not a surprise to those of you who follow my twitter.

But perhaps we can find some time for that later.

Writing this blog has made my life better.

I really don’t know how to even start explaining this, so I just will.

This blog has made my life better:

  • Writing this blog makes me feel like a very cool dude.
  • It has given me a place to share the knowledge that I hoarded for so long.
  • Writing it has gifted me back one of my life’s biggest dreams.
  • I am more involved than ever with the coding community.
  • Quite literally, it has me learning something new every day.
  • I am happier, full of energy and at peace.
  • Did I mention I feel extremely cool writing this blog? Because I do.

And this is without mentioning all of the obvious career advantages it has brought me. Having this blog really helped out while I was looking for work. It set me aside and put my knowledge on display.

I recommend it to anyone in the coding community.

Going forward.

I was really unsure of what to write about for over a month. And I also don’t think I’ll give this post as much propaganda as I usually do. Mostly because it is very personal. And also cause it would feel kinda weird.

And while I have a topic well fleshed out for next week, I’m still figuring out what to do from there.

Recently I’ve been working a lot more in the backend. Mostly with Python, Flask and Postgres. Yet I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on those topics as to explain the inner workings of them.

So, perhaps after a few weeks’ worth of non-code related posts, we can get to some of that.

In the mean time, however, please let me know in the comments:

  • Do you write a blog? Drop me a link! I’d love to read it.
  • Or, if you write in some way, what drives you to do so?

But for now, see you all next week. Au revoir.


My name’s Orlando Paredes Hamsho. I’m a 25-year-old Web Developer living (mostly) in Guadalajara, Mexico; albeit I intend to move pretty soon. Apparently, I also run a blog now, and have been doing so for a while.

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